A tiny afterwards within guild, Bisca and Alzack go back off their job and you will Asuka gift suggestions her or him for the Lacrima

The next afterwards, a band from kite-using theft, contacting on their own Orca Feather Flying Bandits, swoop into the and you will bargain the Lacrima memento out-of Asuka’s hands. Natsu wants Ready to bring him making sure that he is able to wade after her or him, although Surpass continues to be sleeping on to the floor when you look at the surprise along the hug and you can bemoaning one to his dear mouth was indeed ruined. Saddened to see the woman precious goods taken, Asuka blonde singles dating opens flames to your bandit whom took the new Lacrima that have the girl doll weapon and you will is able to strike all the try; but not, once the weapon is not real, the theft just take no wreck, and keep the avoid. Watching Asuka bust to your tears, Natsu forces the students girl’s cap off more than the lady eyes and you may, as the girl shoots thoughtlessly, Natsu uses his Wonders so you’re able to take on the enemies. Despite they getting him exactly who strike him or her, the guy pretends that it was Asuka whom test her or him off, and work out Lucy note that he missing the crowd back to the newest guild deliberately to make the woman happy, this in turn and make Lucy take pleasure in Natsu’s an excellent front. [70]

When you look at the respond to the astonished phrases, Natsu and Lucy determine which they got Asuka on several easy work, together with puzzled hitched pair following describe your Lacrima is the fresh award they acquired abreast of conclusion of the earliest mission they took together. In the event that other people wonder why they’d previously replaced for example a cherished souvenir out, they only say that that they had so you can and therefore Asuka manage learn in the course of time, before you leave to possess household. On route out from the guild, Asuka tells their mothers you to definitely Natsu and Delighted kissed, on the several each other leaving comments you to definitely Natsu and you may Pleased yes check discover along better. If you are Lucy giggles about it, Natsu and you can Pleased research sick. [71]

Fairies’ Christmas [ ]

Whenever Christmas time rolls around when you look at the Magnolia, the fresh new members of Class Natsu, plus Juvia, Gajeel, Levy, and you will Pantherlily the assemble from inside the Lucy’s apartment to help you celebrate they, much to Lucy’s chagrin. Erza upcoming demands the girl to join in, and begin drinking, causing the woman so you’re able to easily rating intoxicated. Lucy, inside her drunken condition asks you to definitely Natsu begin purring, assuming the guy refuses, she contact your, and you will starts purring themselves, much so you can Natsu’s own chagrin. Erza then starts brand new “Guild Master Video game”, where anybody who picks ideal matter reaches purchase the remainder about space doing, causing the female (cut Erza) in order to rapidly sober up. For the video game, Natsu was designed to dance nude, much so you’re able to Lucy’s pity, and you will Lucy gets hotter wax dripped on to this lady straight back, much so you’re able to Natsu’s anger. Eventually the video game stops when Erza is sent home, leaving others outdone inside her flat.

Brick Age [ ]

Within the a primitive function, Natsu and you can Happy are hunting a great boar, after they discover Lucy soaking up a pool, and you will be able to take her. They promote the lady back to the new men’s room village, where Makarov implies that this woman is a good “woman”, just before being disabled when his “sausage” try sexy. Unfortunately, this is certainly rapidly observed right up of the rest of Lucy’s group, every woman, arriving to keep her. It with ease beat new boys (who will be plus incapacitated by its “sausages”), in the event Natsu will not let Lucy wade. As he keeps on to her, the guy accidentally gropes this lady, consequentially “awakening” his personal “sausage”, hence scares the women aside. Natsu is kept perplexed however, came across, just like the Lucy sobs more than being left at the rear of. not, because she actually is crying, Natsu slices this lady binds, and you may affectionately pats the lady on head, proclaiming that she actually is “his”, and you will he will manage the lady now. Through to hearing it, Lucy blushes, and you can calms off.