Couldn’t leave my house and quit my job

Then one night I couldn’t take it anymore. I put a rosary on and prayed to God to forgive me that I wanted to sleep forever and I took around 15 sleeping pills. It was that night I saw my soul leave my body and I woke up a few hours later and realized I was in hell inside my own body still being alive with no soul. All my human senses are gone and my body doesn’t function or feel as it once did with my soul not being in it. I have been this way 2 years. I don’t drink anymore. I was drinking every day just to cope with myself and life.

I would do things I normally wouldn’t do that was against my marriage when I was drinking and a lot of times would black out. I had no plans of stopping until Satan entered my life. I’m guessing this was God’s plan and the only way I was going to stop anything. I’m hoping and praying this is all a lesson for me (punishment) and that he will slowly restore my soul (a new me) so that I can live again and not in this pain and torture I’m in now of being alive with no soul. My body and I as it is now by being alive with no soul will never die, never rest unless God forgives me and performs a miracle. Otherwise I will change the course of history and the bible.

Please tell me your thoughts on this and pray to God that my soul or new soul will come back in my body so that I can live and love life again like I once did

Dr’s, scientists, etc. If my soul or new soul slowly comes back to me to where I feel human and can do things again, it will be the best miracle of all time and I will definitely write a book about it to share with everyone and hopefully it will help others in their lives in some way. I once had it all and now I am nothing without my soul. I took everyone and everything for granite. I realize this now and I pray for God’s mercy.

I went deeper into this dark place of isolation with no rest

Here are some ideas for battling evil spirits Get a st benedict crucifix and get it blessed by a catholic priest or father. Wear this blessed crucifix. Then get a couple of containers and fill them up with holy water. For sever demonic possesion put holy water on yourselves every 15 minutes all day every day. Stay away from bars, night clubs, alleys, if you take the bus don’t sit in the back of the bus, don’t go to botanical shops or new age shops cause this is where evil spirits are most concentrated also stay away from troubled streets, and places where there are a lot of crimes going on. like in the alleys there’s a quite a bit of people that drink a lot booze pass by there and can cause you to be unholy. As for the back of the bus people who have depression who are troubled have evil spirits and you sitting back there, you can catch there evil spirit if you sit back there. Get out chatib dating website of the house and go to positive places like a garden park or go to the zoo. Pray the our father prayer every day.

I was interested to read the posts on here about people saying their soul had left them and they had been cut off from God’s grace. I think they’re slightly mistaken, because each and every one of us is a soul. But it’s true to say God may have removed his grace and loving protection from you to leave you in place of living darkness for the sin of attempted suicide. The thing is, you’re not entirely damned yet. So you should use this time to try to reconnect with God by fasting, prayer and living a better life. You’re not with Satan yet. If you were, you’d know about it.