xero vs qbo

Consider these highlights of what each platform provides and some of the key differences. Business owners have many important decisions to make in 2021 after assessing how things changed during the pandemic. One of the most important decisions to make this year is which accounting software platform to utilize.

xero vs qbo

If you don’t have the time to devote to learning the software, QuickBooks Online may be the better fit. Check out our full Xero review to determine if this software is a good fit. QuickBooks Online also has a mainly positive public reputation. Users like that QBO is easier to learn and use than QuickBooks Desktop.

When To Use Xero

Although it’s not a big deal, it might not be ideal for those who are not used to bookkeeping yet. QuickBooks also offers a 50% discount for 6 months if you skip their free trial. Xero and QuickBooks are both great in terms of invoicing functionality. Both Xero and QuickBooks Online are optimized for small to mid-sized enterprise, so large enterprises with more complex requirements may struggle to tick all of their boxes. But for most small businesses, agencies, retail stores and startups, there’s a lot to love about both software. There are key differences between Xero and QuickBooks for how invoicing is handled in the software. You can filter options to find transactions that you are looking for.

That said, payments through those apps sync with activity in Xero. On the surface, these cloud-based accounting software programs offer similar features to their users. When you delve deeper, though, you’ll find key differences between Xero and QuickBooks Online.

This could work well for freelancers, solopreneurs, and businesses with only a couple of employees. Larger businesses — even startups — will not find Wave’s offering here to meet their needs.

Do You Need To Give 8 + Users Access To Your Data?

Erica’s insights into personal and business finance have been cited in numerous publications, including MSN, Real adjusting entries Simple, and Reader’s Digest. Scale and grow without the stress of wondering whether your finances are keeping up.

xero vs qbo

QuickBooks Online only tracks projects on its highest pricing plan. If you’re paying for the Plus plan, you’ll be able to associate expenses, time and invoices with a project. Reports calculate profitability, unbilled xero vs qbo time and expenses, so you can stay on top of the project’s health. Fixed assets include the land, buildings or equipment that your business owns. For some businesses, they could represent significant investments.

Fixed Asset Management: Xero Wins

The Xero mobile app is for Android and iOS devices is free when you sign up for a subscription. It offers easy access to Xero’s accounting tools on the move, including looking up contacts, sending invoices and reconciling bank transactions. This comes with much more functionality than Xero’s cheapest plan, including all the basics of tracking income and expenses, capturing and organizing receipts, invoicing and accepting payments. The main limitation of QBO’s Essentials is access for only one user. This category carried the most weight in the scalability comparison. While the number of users, invoices and accounts are important, some small businesses will never need more than a few users or 100 accounts.

Monthly pricing for WorkflowMax is based on the number of users, starting from $15 for 1 user to $250 for up to 50 users. If you need more than 50 licenses, you can get volume pricing directly from WorkflowMax. Each report can be customized after you run it, and you can save those customizations as the default. You can also create custom reports, save your most-often-run reports in a favorites section, and access high-level management reports. On QuickBooks, you’ll need to manually send reminders on overdue invoices.

This could be an issue if you had a unique situation that you needed help with. I’ve been doing bookkeeping for about eight years and I’ve only worked with Quickbooks, so I was excited to dig into Xero. I’d say it’s easier than Quickbooks in just about every way that I tested. But Xero is going head to head with Quickbooks and making some waves, and it’s easy to see why. Data encryption is crucial to a cloud-based program and both companies make sure that their data centers are up and secure 24/7. QuickBooks has a 28-bit SSL encryption and different levels of authentication. Despite this, however, QuickBooks Online users complain of frequent outage and downtimes.

Intelli Bookkeeping has a personalized team of financial professionals who are qualified to deliver exceptional one-on-one accounting services to its Boston clients. If you choose QBO, you’ll pay extra for each of these features. With Xero’s personal accountant service, your accountant can organize all your banking transactions on a spreadsheet for your convenience. Xero and QBO offer tiered services, whose prices depend on the size of your business and the services you require. Cloud software is great because your data is stored securely and you can access it from any computer with a web browser. This being said, if you’re looking for the ultimate winner between QuickBooks Online vs. Xero, it’s difficult to say one solution is objectively better than the other.

  • Xero is new accounting software making a play for Quickbooks’ traditional territory.
  • Fees vary, but they commonly charge a monthly base and per employee after that.
  • QuickBooks’ invoicing provides the functionality you’d expect from online accounting fost.
  • Available for free on iOS and Android when you’re a QuickBooks Online customer, the app offers instant access to your QuickBooks dashboard, including accounting reports, invoicing and much more.
  • Both QBO and Xero let you import customer or vendor lists to save you time if you’re switching accounting programs.
  • Xero told them that the soft limits for transaction volume are around 2000 sales, 2000 purchases and 4000 bank lines per month, after which Xero’s performance “deteriorates dramatically”.

If your company does a lot of business overseas, or may grow to do that in the future, Xero may be a better solution than Quickbooks. Xero, on the other hand, gives users the freedom to set a reminder schedule to make them stay on top of their income and expenses.

Xero Vs Quickbooks Mobile App

Business Checking Accounts BlueVine Business Checking The BlueVine Business Checking account is an innovative small business bank account that could be a great choice for today’s small businesses. Xero and QuickBooks each have strong accounting features that make either a suitable choice for accountants. While some accountants prefer Xero, others prefer QuickBooks Online.

But their approaches are different, and they each have different pros and cons. Xero and QuickBooks Online are two of the most popular accounting software platforms.

For this comparison, we looked at five factors—plus a number of bonus features—that are relevant for small business https://xero-accounting.net/ owners. Click on any feature below to jump to the section that’s most important for your business.

Companies in construction, manufacturing, fabrication, or other project-based industries may prefer QuickBooks because project tracking is built into QBO. Xero offers an unlimited number of users to use the platform, they offer an unlimited number of charts of accounts, and they include HubDoc in the subscription to maintain receipts and documents. The most popular pricing level, Growing, is priced at $30/month. They offer discounted pricing at times and include the option to integrate payroll with Gusto for an added fee. Maybe a reason that Quickbooks online has half the apps is that it has double the features of Xero?


This is really a personal preference and not a true difference in functionality. QuickBooks offers a package specifically designed for independent contractors that ranges from $5-$10/mo if you’re a solo freelancer looking for the basics. This package is also the only one to offer a mile tracking feature which uses GPS to track how far you’ve traveled for a job. Now, let’s talk a bit about the differences between these two accounting software giants. Xero and QuickBooks represent two different types of businesses within this industry.

Each time you log into either app, you can see your latest balance and expenses that need reconciling from the dashboard. Business owners who prefer working through a hiccup on the phone will favor QuickBooks Online. While Xero offers online support only, it’s available 24/7 in case you’re a night owl. Xero’s Growing plan gives small businesses room to expand with the option of upgrading to the Established plan down the road. Email your accountant a link to log into your QuickBooks account.

Other category tag ideas include customer type, vehicle, needs receipt or ask my accountant. While Xero includes fixed asset management in all plans, QuickBooks Online requires users to either download a third-party add-on or manually set up an asset account. Though both companies suggest users work with an accountant to manage depreciation of assets, Xero does a better job of cutting out the work for you.

Author: Edward Mendlowitz