Harry is a pro soccer player, Y/Ns a soccer fan

“Im so, so sorry.” He whimpers, knees weakening until he falls back onto the couch behind him. She remains standing awkwardly in front of the staircase, watching as her tears fall onto the wooden floors beneath her, darkening the material.

“I know thats not going to do anything, but I also know that ive been treating you so terribly. I know that you deserve better than-” He cuts himself off, shaking his head as if he doesnt even want to think of the possibility, “I know that you could do better. But I dont want to end everything, not like this. ”

Y/N cant help but agree that they shouldnt end what they have over this. They were better than that, at https://homeloansplus.org/payday-loans-wv/ least thats what she thinks.

She doesnt agree or disagree, still sobbing quietly but he understands what shes feeling. So until she feels comfortable enough to talk to him, he decides hell keep speaking.

He opens the large white box sitting next to him, pulling out the binder than Y/N was talking about with Mariah just hours ago, before quickly shutting the lid. It held all of the rough drafts to the wedding arrangements so far, none of them finalized because Harry had yet to give his opinion on the vast majority of them.

“I looked at the pages,” He opens it up, admiring the small stickers and colored pen scribbled across the pieces of the small planner. She had left notes next to each of the details for the wedding, a small reminder as to why she had each one. Next to her picture of the beautiful purple flowers on one of the pages, she had written “Morning glories, a reminder of the first date.” as an indication that they were the same flowers Harry had given her while walking through a park in New York. Harry ran his fingers over the thick pages, admiring the little notes as a small smile formed onto his face.

“I know I wasnt there for any of it, but I want to be now. I want to start being here for you now.” He tells Y/N. Shes still iffy about giving him her trust, and hes aware of that.

Right now

“I told you I would help you pick out your dress, so im going to do that. ” He tells her, gesturing with his hand for her to come closer. She crosses her arms, indicating that shed rather stay where she is. He acknowledges that, moving to lift up the lid anyways.

Y/N doesnt expect him to pull out a series of large white dresses from inside of the box, but he does. She cant help but let a small smile run cross her face, and no matter how much she tries to convince herself its from the beauty of the dresses, she realize that its also because of him.

“Youd look beautiful in all of them, but I figured you wouldnt know until you tried them on.” He tells her. She walks over to the box, Harrys breath hitches a bit because shes near him, and she reaches out to feel the soft tulle of the white dress, trying not to touch it too aggressively.

“I cant forgive you this easily, Harry” She tells him honestly. He nods in disappointment, the smile wiping off of his face.

Not with one fight

He leans in to pull her into him, her head fitting underneath the stubble on his chin. She doesnt reciprocate for a few moments, but eventually sighs, running her hands across the sides of his waist lightly.