We’re here for a purpose, he <a href="https://besthookupwebsites.org/afroromance-review/">https://besthookupwebsites.org/afroromance-review/</a> said and to fulfil his plan and vision for us

I was interested to see this video on youtube by a young woman who became very low and depressed over her poor life, and she attempted suicide. But God and Jesus both intervened in her life to show her mercy and put her on the right track and path to life. God literally told her, life was meant to be hard so that people could grow and learn and develop their characters. Life is a test and a challenge. God gave her another chance because clearly she had suffered greatly in her life. She saw people in proper hell, not what the people on here think is hell, ie being very depressed and in a dark place in your own body. You’re not there yet believe me. Anyway, in her vision of hell, spirits or souls were just rushing around in front of her, hither and thither and the horror of their sins were replayed back to them incessantly, so that they were in great mental torment and constant mental anguish. Those who fear they’re in hell properly are not there yet. Take this as a chance to redirect your life and to walk in God’s path. May he bless you and keep you. Do not despair, that’s the Devil’s greatest weapon against you.

What u prob saw was a false vision to trick you

Watch these videos on youtube of people who have experienced real and terrifying hell. If you’ve not experienced those things, you still have a chance. Fight for it and believe in God’s mercy and grace.

how can it be. my unhappiness with marriage which led to alcohol and affairs, then meeting someone I really liked thinking I was really happy with this person then filing for a divorce. Drinking everyday to erase all my fears and only living in the moment. Then not sleeping and feeling/smelling demons, losing focus on important things in life like my family and God, taking 5 ativans while intoxicated, then 2 weeks later lunesta to help sleep which did not work, drinking 1/2 bottle of vodca next day and being totally out of it and no remembrance of driving to boyfriends, 1 week later taking 15 over the counter sleeping pills – wanting to sleep forever and asking God to forgive me and instead my soul actually left my body and I woke up horrified for I was alive without my soul! There are powers out there beyond our imagination. If anyone else had done what I did they would of ended up in a coma or died. I pray everyday for a miracle and my soul to come back to me.

Seek and you shall find

I think you still have your soul in your body, or u would be dead. The state of your soul was ruin, but now u want to get stronger. The demons that convinced you will be back, but you must be ready to fill your self with good spirit. When you renounce satan and evil, then you confess, get blessed, renounce your old way, lay down your will to God, not living to satisfy your pleasures, but to care for your soul, and to care for God. If God sends you help and drives it away, u can do a simple consecration prayer

Who are you praying to to receive your deliverance? As a Catholic, there are traditional responses to this question but there is only one correct response. There is ONE mediator between God and men, and that is the man Christ Jesus. Not a canonized saint, not the Virgin Mary – Christ alone. He is our great high priest, and there is no other. It’s his shed blood which is placed on the mercy seat in heaven which covers our sin, and he is our advocate before the father. All who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved: “God be merciful to me, a sinner”.